Step 6: Temporary Residency Permit

Within 24 hours of arrival, I had to register as a temporary resident, which would make me legal for the next 30 days until I got my one-year Residency Permit.  This involved going to the local police station in our neighborhood and providing information about where I was living.

Fortunately Tian was able to go, and so was our landlord.  With their help, I signed the lease and paid a special foreigners tax of about 300 RMB.  Then an issue was discovered.  They didn’t have my picture in the system, which they needed to complete the process.  And more unfortunately, this particular office was not set-up to make the necessary changes. 

This meant that I had to wait a couple days (we originally went on Friday and all the offices were closed until Monday) and then go to another office to get my passport scanned.  The issue was that Tian was working on Monday, which meant that my landlord had to take me.  Luckily, he was available.  This time everything worked out, and I left with the Temporary Residency Permit in hand.

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