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今天很特。Today Is A Special Day.

To those of you who have been waiting to hear our proposal story, thank you!  This week has been a crazy one, and I have wanted to do the event justice when retelling and documenting it.  But now, without further ado, I will recount to you in full detail (perhaps more than you had hoped) […]

Zěn Me Shuō "Will You Marry Me?"

There is some exciting news to report from China.  And no, I’m not just talking about the grand opening of the first-ever haunted house in mainland China, though that definitely looks cool too.  On Friday evening, I proposed to Tian, and fortunately (crazily?) she accepted.  So we’re now engaged to be married.  We are both […]

Keeping It Light

Sometimes you just have to share the little things in life, especially when they make you laugh.  This was a short news story that appeared in the “China Daily” over the weekend.  From the subject of the article, it might lead you to believe the paper is more like “The Onion” than the major news source […]


亲爱的, 今天下午,你在圆明园东门(旁边公交车站)见面我。 十二点半或者三点半吗?你以前十点告诉我什么的时候你要见面。  如果天气一点冷,请穿一个外套。如果你很饿,请吃一点以前你来。  我们游漂亮园。 当我们游的时候,我要告诉你一个秘密。照常我也要问你问题。 来得快因为我不能等看你。我爱你。 你的杰夫

Shi Du: Our Hotel

After hiking and punting, most of us just wanted to relax back at our hotel.  So we returned there on foot (it was only three blocks away from the river) and settled in.  Here’s a quick tour of the place. To pass the time, a group of us played Ma Jiang.  It’s a lot like gin rummy […]

Shi Du: Time to Punt

After a few hours of hiking at Lonely Mountain Park, the group went straight into the next activity of the afternoon, punting.  Punting is a term used to describe pushing a small shallow boat with a pole along a shallow body of water like a lake or river.  In our case, the term “boat” should be applied […]

Shi Du: Zipline!

One of the last things we did at Lonely Mountain Park was ride the zipline.  On the way in, I had unofficially made it my goal to get as many people to do it as possible on the way out.  The issues were cost and comfort zones.  A number of people, including Russ the older […]