Looking for Work

Before you wonder how it is that I already lost my job, don’t fret.  I am using the phrase “looking for work” in the more physical sense, as in, where the heck is my building?  It took Tian and me a little while to find it when I got here, so I thought I would take the time and show you the way.

The first step is to take a bus to either Yuan Ming Yuan Dong Lu or Qing Hua Fu Zhong stops.  Then walk about five minutes to the northwest gate of Tsinghua University.  As you approach it, this is what you’ll see.

View of the northwest gate in the early morning.

Once inside the northwest gate of Tsinghua University, you take an immediate right.  When you do, you see a view like this one. 


As you walk down the street, the big purple sign comes into view and tells you that you are indeed on the right track. 


The big purple sign also directs you to continue your walk to the left down what feels like a back alley.


Halfway down the alley, you encounter a doorway that seems from afar like it could be the school entrance.  But the closer you get you realize it is under construction.  I later found out that this was where a restaurant used to be.


At the end of the alley, you turn right and come to the main entrance to the Academic Bridge Program building. 


Ok.  Just wait outside for a little while.  Next week, I’ll take you on a tour inside the building.


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  1. Will I see any Visual Instruction Plans when we get to the interior photos?? 🙂 🙂

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