Monthly Archives: September 2009

Classroom Tour

After spending a bit too much time putting my last entry into “game speak,” I have decided to forgo the World of Workraft theme for now.  So in this posting you will just be getting the straight up down low on my physical classroom space.  Don’t worry though, there still is plenty of fun to […]

WOW – World of Workraft

Now I know that Tsinghua University may not be as exciting of a fantasty realm to enter as the ravaged world of Azeroth, but there is plenty of “magic” that happens here.  So I invite all of you, not just you RPG lovers out there, to create a teacher character and enter my World of […]

Getting Organized

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to be organized.  My computer and paper filing systems complement each other, I carefully track and reconcile my finances monthly, and “Hard Drive Backup” is scheduled as a repeated event on Google Calendar.  When working on projects, if I can, I prefer to spend extra time […]

Drinking Problem

Now that I have your attention, don’t worry.  I have not developed an over-enthusiastic interest in alcohol in China (for the record, I could never be addicted to bai jiu). Rather I’m talking about safety issues related to the drinking water in China.  The issue is that the tap water in China is generally not fit […]

Catching the Bus

During my last bit of “blog-orrhea” (I just couldn’t hold it!) two weeks ago, I gave you a glimpse into riding the bus in Beijing and shared a revealing story about the unpredictability of the bus system.  In those posts I relied on other people’s pictures of bus stops.  Since then, I have taken some […]

First American Visitor!

And the winner of the “First American to Visit” award goes to Paul R., who is a longtime family friend from church and elementary school.  He was traveling to Shanghai, Beijing, and South Korea on a business trip for 3M to promote a promising new compound he helped invent that can be used in fire […]

Looking for Work

Before you wonder how it is that I already lost my job, don’t fret.  I am using the phrase “looking for work” in the more physical sense, as in, where the heck is my building?  It took Tian and me a little while to find it when I got here, so I thought I would […]