Meta Blogging

My blog has itself become interesting enough to warrent discussion in my blog.

My blog has itself become interesting enough to warrent discussion in my blog.

It was only a matter of time before I brought the concept of meta into the blogosphere. That’s right. I’m about to blog about blogging.

Here’s the jist. I first started blogging using a Google blogspot account in May. I got it all set up and decked out, even with a subscribe and visitor reporting feature. Then in June, I got the news from Tian that she couldn’t see my blog from China because they censored all blogger accounts, which meant that I needed to start from scratch. I was demoralized!

Luckily, Jennifer O. came to my rescue and figured out that she could host a Word Press blog on her server. Tian tried accessing it from China, and everything worked out. So I transferred all of my content last week before getting on the plane. Everything was set once again, or so I thought.

Since arriving though, I have still encountered challenges. First, the theme I chose for my blog had a bunch of bugs in it, and Jennifer had to call and get it reset to the default theme for me. As a result, I had to reload all the images. Second, the internet in my apartment is painfully slow, so even the most basic of blog management tasks take a long time.

The good news is that I think (cross your fingers) that the issues have been resolved now. Today, we upgraded our internet connection to 4MB from 1. And I also determined where the best spot for wireless access is in our apartment. Hopefully with all these tricks combined, my blog posting pace will improve. Today I spent the afternoon catching up on old posts. Have no fear though, I’m nearly caught up to the present. My content will start becoming more timely.

Thanks for reading! Who knew blogging would itself be interesting enough to blog about!

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