We're Learning, We're Learning…

On every trip I take I learn interesting things.  Here are some lessons I’ll take away from this one:

  1. The max weight for a checked bag on United is 50 lbs. I was 2 lbs over in each of mine, so I had to add it to my carry on. No big deal – just held up the line a bit and had a little less leg room on the plane. 
  2. Don’t use the red bins when sending items through the x-ray at security check, even when 2/3 lines are out of the gray bins and no attendants are finding more. Red and airport security is NEVER a good combination.
  3. Hip replacements often set off metal detectors. An elderly woman sitting next to me on the first flight learned that from experience. She had just had her hip replaced and was a bit stressed by the whole affair.
  4. Chicago O’Hare has a dearth of outlets. But I found a small bank of work stations and set up shop.
  5. I am a power napper. Not having slept more than four hours the night before, I was able to read for 1-2 hours, nap for 15 minutes, and repeat.
  6. The ocean around Antarctica is also known as the Southern Ocean.
  7. If you befriend flight attendants you can fill your water bottle directly from the tap in the back as many times as necessary and get lots of interesting conversation as a bonus.
  8. Cranapple juice is pronounced something like “Hong mei pin guo je” though I have no idea if that’s how you spell it in pinyin.
  9. Target’s Archer Farms trail mix is one of the best travel foods! All varieties would work, but I especially love the sunny cranberry mix.
  10. Traveling with a friend makes the whole trip fly by quickly (pun intended).
  11. Guitars get picked up in oversized baggage claim.
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