T Minus 36 Hours

Traveling always comes with a big to-do list.  Moving somewhere for 1-2 years is even more crazy.  Here is my to-do list (omitting some details) for my last 36 hours in the US.  It was definitely a whirlwind, but everything got done!

Sunday Evening

  1. Unpack from trip to the cabin.
  2. Review POA responsibilities with dad.  Revise docs accordingly. 
  3. At Kohls: Buy luggage, slippers
  4. Deposit last reimbursement checks at ATM
  5. Do final laundry and start to pack
  6. Technology
    – Prepare work computer to turn in tomorrow at MPA.
    – Set up new blog because old one is blocked in China
    – Email new blog address out to first wave of contacts.
    – Continue copying all files on to backup external hard drive.
    – Scan some personal effects to bring with as time allows


  1. Finish packing
  2. Financial
    – Cancel cell phone. Unlock phone for use in China.
    – Call bank so they don’t stop my card in China.
    – Update/create hard copies and e-copies of impt. files for dad.
    – Verify insurance policy changes 
  3. Cleaning
    – Store computers, printer, and file cabinet
    – Organize all belongings in storage area
    – Remove sheets.
    – Return card table to laundry room
  4. At MPA (early afternoon):
    – Copy emails, calendar, and contacts on to the external hard drive.
    – Set away message for email
    – Return BSP external hard drive with archived files. 
    – Turn in computer to tech center.
    – Turn in keys and fob to HR.
    – Goodbyes to colleagues in the bldg.
  5. Dinner with family in the PM
  6. Pick up a few snacks and a book for the trip.
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