Not So Fast…

The romance of the first flight soon gave way to the real challenges of international travel.  When I arrived in Chicago, I found that my next flight from Chicago to Beijing had been delayed for about 2.5 hours.  I quickly called my mom on her cell phone and asked her to email Tian to let her know to expect the delay and check the flight before coming all the way to the airport to pick me up in Beijing.  Since she wasn’t at a computer, she enlisted the help of my dad and Sue.  Thanks all!

The good news was that this delay didn’t start a trend.  The plane took off at 3:15 instead of 12:45.  And given the length of the entire journey, 2.5 hours was but a fraction (1/8 to be exact) of the total travel time.  So it didn’t bother me none.  I looked at it as more time to stretch my legs before the big one.  It also gave me time to place some last calls to friends and to have a last phone conversation with my financial advisor, who appropriately called me because he had marked down the end of August as being a time when many of my financial assumptions would change.  Did he have good timing or what?

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