Pizza Anyone? – My Last American Meals

pizzaIn my last week in Minnesota and the US for who knows how long, I wanted to get my fill of the great food that I wouldn’t be able to get much of in China. So first off, that meant no Chinese food.

It also meant eating a lot of pizza. On both Sunday and Tuesday, I was lucky enough to go out twice to Pizza Luce, and both times I ended up taking a lot of extra home. Given that my family was all gone at the cabin, the pizza was an easy choice for lunch and dinner all week. Then on Saturday, the family went out to Pizza Ranch in Glenwood, MN, just because it was really our only option.

All of this pizza was delicious, and I didn’t really let the health issues weigh on me (pardon the pun). But I was thankful when the opportunities arose for other types of food. Here were some of the other food I ate before shipping out:

– Mexican lunch at local owned restaurant on Arcade w/ BSP staff
– Home cooked salmon with the Misra-Stenquist household.
– Indian lunch buffet at Taste of India w/ Mike D.
– Italian meatball sandwich and onion rings at the Dariette w/ Anne P.
– Subway sandwich
– Dairy Queen blizzard
– Chipotle burrito

And my last meal on American soil? Of course it was a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit at the airport McDonalds. How could it not be?

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