Purge yourself of all the unnecessary stuff in your life.  Then store the rest in your parents' house.

Purge yourself of all the unnecessary stuff in your life. Then store the rest in your parents' house.

This entry is about stuff.  Specifically, how easy it is to accumulate stuff and how hard it is to get rid of it.  I realize that much of the stress for me in the past couple of months has arisen from figuring out what to do with my stuff…from my house to my car to my possessions

Here’s the quick snapshot of where it all ended up:

  1. My House.  Rented out for 2-years.  But I’m only able to do this because my dad graciously is watching the place and taking care of issues that arise for me.  He’s helping me manage my stuff. 
  2. My Car.  Sold to a friend of a friend.  No longer mine to worry about!
  3. My Possessions.  While I am by no means a pack rat, I have accumulated some stuff over the last five years.  This transition has given me a great opportunity to purge my closets and shelves of the unnecessary items in my life.  Some things have ended up at Goodwill, with other family or friends, or just in the garbage.  Whatever was left I had to organize and store in my parents’ house (Thank you!).  See the attached pictures to see the space they’re giving up for me to keep my stuff.

There are some lessons about stuff that I’ve learned or re-learned from this experience:

  1. Once possessed, it takes a considerable amount of work to separate yourself from your stuff.  It’s easy to let that discourage you from taking on new adventures or healthy risks.
  2. Getting rid of the extra stuff in your life is very liberating!  It allows you renewed freedom and flexibility.
  3. The more stuff you own, the more it owns you. 
  4. I’m going to move away from hard copies and eventually try to store as much as possible electronically.  Not only does it save physical space, it makes it possible to transport everything easily from place to place.
  5. Life changes provide you opportunities to re-examine your stuff.  Take advantage of the next one that comes your way, even though it may be uncomfortable. 
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