Subscribe Feature Enabled!

Wow!  There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you figure out how to do something completely new with technology.  I’m in one of those moments now.  I just independently learned how to allow my friends and family subscribe to my blog, which means they will get automatic email updates whenever I make a new posting.  No more mass emailing updates for me!

To subscribe to my blog, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Subscribe” link at the top of the column on the right hand side of the blog. 
  2. When the new page that appears, enter your email address and hit “Subscribe.”  
  3. Check your email inbox for an email from “admin” with the subject “Zai China.  Please confirm your request.”  
  4. Inside the email click the link to confirm your subscription.

That’s all it takes!  You can just sit back and let the messages come to you.


One comment

  1. Nice work with the blog setup! I don’t need to subscribe via email since I will click on the link almost every day upon posting at my own blog 🙂 You’re in my blogroll for good now! I hope your travels were safe, I thought of you lots as the departure date approached. Looking forward to updates soon!

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