Best Buy = Best Bud

Best-BuyBefore this spring, I probably had been to Best Buy only a handful of times in the last two years. That’s why it was a big surprise to me when, as I prepared for my trip, I suddenly couldn’t do without it. Here are some of the reasons that Best Buy became my Best Bud:

  1. Monitor Recycling. I never know how to properly dispose of my e-waste, and it can drive me nuts. As I cleaned out my house and downsized my possessions, I couldn’t avoid the issue anymore. Luckily Best Buy had the answer – at least for my two old computer monitors and my old tv. They recycle any item with a screen. All you have to do is pay them $10, and they give you a $10 gift card. So basically, you’re just promising them to spend that $10 in their store for each item. A great price to pay for the convenience of e-recycling.
  2. External Hard Drives.  In order for me to access my life’s work in China, it all had to go digital. In order for it to go digital, I needed lots and lots of hard drive space. This spring I bought a total of 3 external hard drives from Best Buy. All were on sale when I bought them and very competitively priced. Plus I used my gift cards to buy them!
  3. Laptop Computer. I bought my new laptop from Best Buy this spring. I was surprised that I got a better deal for it in their store than directly from Dell on their website.
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