Selling My Car: 0 to 60 in Under 5 Days


With a 2.7 liter v6 engine, my 2004 Dodge Stratus SE had some great pick-up.  But even that couldn’t compare to the fast acceleration that the process for selling my car underwent this past weekend.  It went from unsold to sold in just under 5 days.

Karen Kemp was the connector.  She heard that I was trying to sell my car quickly last Wednesday night at my farewell barbeque.  On Friday I got a call from Karen’s brother Mark.  On Saturday, he and his wife came out to look at it, and on Monday the 10th, we met at the South Saint Paul DMV to exchange the title.  That’s what I call a quick transaction.  Thank you Karen!

The amazing part of this story is in the timing.  I only had a window of about a week to sell the car, and I ended up hitting it perfectly.  While I moved back to my parents’ house on 7/31, I still really wanted to drive my car through at least Friday 8/7 (the last day of wrap-up week for Breakthrough) because it gave me a lot more flexibility with work.  And while my flight isn’t until 8/18, I really wanted to spend the weekend of the 15th up at the cabin with my family and didn’t want to be stuck selling it instead.  So that left a window of exactly 7 days. 

And looking back, other things that had to fall into place did so too.  Luckily, my mom was able to co-sign the title (she had been a co-signer on the original lease) before she left on Monday for the cabin.  If we hadn’t have caught her this weekend, she would have been gone the whole week, which would have postponed the entire process until the very end. 

And fortunately, I was able to deposit the cashiers check right away, even though my mom couldn’t sign it.  I just had to deposit it into her account for the week.  Then she wrote me a check the next weekend, which I then deposited into my account.  Although not perfect, this solution was much better than having a cashiers check for several thousand dollars sitting around the house all week.

In short, it took a lot of people to help this process along.  From the buyer (Mark and his wife) to Karen Kemp, to my parents, a lot of people had a hand in selling the car.  I even want to thank Mark’s employee Jerome for giving me a lift home from South Saint Paul on Monday afternoon after I sold the car.  I couldn’t have done it without everyone!  This was really the last big piece of the puzzle that needed to fall into place before my trip.

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