Presentations of Learning

One of my favorite times of the summer at Breakthrough is during wrap-up week when all faculty and staff do Presentations of Learning. These are 7-10 minute reflections on one’s experience in the program and one’s own personal growth. They always reveal to me for a last time the amazing talent of our summer community.

Here are some highlights from summer 2009 POL’s that lend themselves well to a blog format:

Jenny loves dinosaurs and shared that passion with students this summer. She created an amazing slideshow (that word doesn’t do it justice!) showing what Breakthrough Saint Paul and dinosaurs have in common.  These pictures are just two frames, so I encourage you to see the whole slideshow.


Just as the ceratoplans learned the importance of herds...

Breakthrough teams support each other.









Missy loves to work with photography, and she created a collage of BSP. In the center, surrounded by pictures, two hands form a heart to show their love for BSP, a tradition which we quickly adopted during the last week of the program.


Ben talk English and love poetry, so he wrote a poem entitled “My Summer on Automatic Pilot”. There are a lot of powerful lines, but one stanza really spoke to me. From my experience as a teacher, I can relate personally to his reflection.

When I look back I see a different person where I once stood
Someone who always had so much more to give
Someone who was dying to help but just didn’t know how
Someone finally ready to give back to the world
for everything he has been given
Finally ready to make an impact.

Other types of presentations included Jim’s slideshow and breakdance performance, Patty’s interpretive dance, Jennifer’s word of the day booklet, Ashley’s power point.   Whatever people did, they were inspirational and memorable.

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