Monthly Archives: August 2009

Will Work for Visa

The story of my work life in China really began last winter as I started searching for a job.  In order to come here with Tian, I needed a visa, and in order to get a visa, I needed a job.  Anything would do.  While I had a few job prospects, there was one that […]

Da Du Zi (Big Stomach)

Summer is hot in Beijing, especially when the sun is out.  There are times when you really would do anything to get cooler.  Well in the last two weeks, some (I wouldn’t say a lot) of the locals here have given me at least one idea.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to try it […]

Birds Nest & Water Cube

On Saturday, Tian and I took a day trip to the Beijing National Stadium and National Aquatic Center, commonly known as the “Birds Nest” and “Water Cube” respectively.  Both were used during the 2008 Summer Olympics and saw many amazing moments in sports history from Usain Bolt’s world records in the 100 and 200m sprints […]

Fun with Public Art

Every now and then you’ll read a commentary in the newspaper debating the merits of public art.  While there are good arguments on both sides, as a tourist I usually come down the pro-art side because they can make for some fun moments.  On the mall between the Birds Nest and the Water Cube are […]

Cribs Beijing: Zai Jian

Thanks for joining us on the tour of our apartment in Beijing.  While there are certain things that are different or not ideal, it all has become part of the adventure and the fun.  In fact the imperfections actually are what make this apartment the perfect place for us.  We love it and are excited […]

Cribs Beijing: The Bathroom

The bathroom is another one of those rooms that just embodies China to me.  Along with the kitchen, when I think back to our experience in Beijing this year, I will think back to this bathroom.  It’s a room that challenges your assumptions about “normal” life, which is something that China does well in many […]

Cribs Beijing: Living Room

The next stop on the tour is the living room.  This is where we spend most of our time when we’re in the apartment and awake.  It’s a nice room and furnished with all of the basic necessities and even a few non-necessities as you’ll see.  We’ve covered the furniture with our own sheets, and […]