No Turning Back – Plane Ticket Bought

Leaving on a jet plane.

Ok, so maybe there was no turning back after we hired the next Executive Director of Breakthrough Saint Paul. But really though, nothing seems more final than buying the plane ticket! Plus, it’s the first time I’ve ever bought a one-way ticket. Now that’s a weird feeling.

While it may seem strange, this is a HUGE milestone in my trip preparation. There were several things that needed to fall into place before I could feel completely confident in buying it. First, I needed to rent my place to ensure financial sustainability while abroad. Second, I needed to get my visa (while I don’t have it in my hand yet, I saw that it shipped successfully today). Third, I wanted to work the details of my last couple of weeks at BSP with Emily to solidify the right travel date.

So here are the details. I’m flying United leaving on the morning of August 18 from MSP, and I’ll arrive in Beijing on the 19th at 3:15 or so. Tian’s planning to meet me at the airport, and we’ll take the subway together to our apartment. I’m looking forward to seeing her when I get off of the plane in China!
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