Now looking to rent in China…

Now that I’ve found renters for my place here in the US, Tian and I are turning our attention to renting an apartment in China. The goal is for Tian to find a place in the next week, so that she can be settled before beginning her job in late July.

Finding an apartment is hard work.  Tian has to take our preferences and go on the hunt. And she’s doing so without anyone there to help her and to offer second opinions, which she would really value. She also has to schedule her tours between responsibilities at her new school, which sometime change hour to hour. And all of this is at least 1.5 hours commute from her aunt’s house where she is staying, making it tough to just drop by places.

I’m grateful to her for the work she’s putting in to this search! I know whatever place she finds will be one we can call home for a year.

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