She got it!

Two days after she got back from the quarantine, Tian was able to reschedule her interview with the Head of School at Tsinghua International School. They had a nice conversation, and he ended it by offering her a position teaching Chinese to lower school students and working in the library. While Tian has never thought of herself as a librarian, she was into giving it a try. And given that she doesn’t have the “normal” credentials of a teacher in China, she jumped at the job opportunity and accepted. She will start in August.

With a job now lined up, Tian is going home to Xiaogan to stay with her family for a few weeks. Then she’s heading back up to Beijing to sign the contract and look for a starter apartment for us. The great news is that our two jobs will be very near each other. In fact, they’re only two bus stops apart. This means we can find an apartment that is close to both of our schools and maybe even take advantage of a long mid-day break or two. 😉

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