Tian's Quarantine Room

Ok, so I know the title of this entry sounds like a horrible action movie from the 1990’s.   I couldn’t help it.  It’s the perfect word to describe what Tian just went through.  And that’s, well, quarantine.

A few hours after Tian finished her first of two job interviews with Tsinghua International School (it went well!), she came down with a fever. As instructed by the health authorities, she called the hospital, and an ambulance brought her in to the hospital where she was tested for Swine Flu. Because she couldn’t be released until the results were in, Tian was assigned a room to small isolated room. Interestingly, the room had a sink but no toilet and she couldn’t leave, so she when she had to “go” she used a bowl, which the nurse emptied when needed. Twenty hours later, she was told she did NOT have Swine Flu (H1N1), so she could leave. Good news for sure.

Unfortunately, Tian had to miss her second interview with the Head of School because of the incident. Fortunately though Tian had her cell phone and called when she was admitted to tell them the situation. We’re hoping they will reschedule with her now that she is out.

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