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She got it!

Two days after she got back from the quarantine, Tian was able to reschedule her interview with the Head of School at Tsinghua International School. They had a nice conversation, and he ended it by offering her a position teaching Chinese to lower school students and working in the library. While Tian has never thought […]


Ok, so I know the title of this entry sounds like a horrible action movie from the 1990’s.   I couldn’t help it.  It’s the perfect word to describe what Tian just went through.  And that’s, well, quarantine. A few hours after Tian finished her first of two job interviews with Tsinghua International School (it went well!), she came […]

Job Hunting

On Monday, Tian has the first of two interviews with administrators from Tsinghua International School. It’s a private school for international students in grades 1-12, and it is in its founding year. They have a main focus on “holistic” and “global” education. So there are a lot of neat parallels to her work at Mounds […]

So now what? – META

With Tian gone, I had to figure out some way to keep busy. Fortunately, BSP summers are always intense and provide a lot of fun projects to work on. I picked up a special one right away with one of our returning aspiring teachers, Alec. Together we wrote and performed a spoken word / hip […]

Zai Jian Tian

After three years in Minnesota, Tian headed back to China on Monday. My brother Dan gave her a ride to the airport because I needed to be at our first day of teacher orientation for Breakthrough Saint Paul. When I said good bye to her that morning, it hit me that the next chapter was […]