The Faces of Breakthrough!

BSP Staff: Jeff Ochs, Jen Otremba, Ashley Cooper, and Jey Moon

As the Founding Director of Breakthrough Saint Paul (BSP), I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many talented and passionate people over the last six years. The aspiring teachers, mentor teachers, staff members, volunteers, and of course students have inspired me so often in this work. One by one, they have helped create and refine our ambitious vision and turn it into a remarkable reality.

On Monday, our organization will be joined by another new and talented face. After competing with over 100 applicants for the position, Emily Stahly will become the new Executive Director of Breakthrough Saint Paul. Emily will bring her proven experience as an educator, fundraiser, leader, and learner to her work. And while there will no doubt be challenges, Emily will also have the great fortune of overcoming them supported by one of the best staff teams I’ve encountered. Together, they will bring BSP to the next level.

Over the next three months, my role with BSP will change for the first time since I started working on BSP in fall 2003. My focus will be on helping Emily assume leadership of this great program! While I have loved my time as the Founding Director and will dearly miss it, I also am looking forward to the next chapter of my life and am excited to start the transition. Here we go!

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