Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Faces of Breakthrough!

As the Founding Director of Breakthrough Saint Paul (BSP), I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many talented and passionate people over the last six years. The aspiring teachers, mentor teachers, staff members, volunteers, and of course students have inspired me so often in this work. One by one, they have helped create and […]

A Moving Experience…

This weekend, I’ve been “helping” Tian move out of her apartment (Tian de Jia). In reality, the range of tasks that I am allowed to assist with are minimal. We’ve decided that I’m not at all helpful with her clothes and with her mementos. But I am able to help with the kitchen items and […]

Friends Celebrate

Over the two years I have known Tian, I have been amazed at how many great relationships she has built with parents and students at MPA. This group of people has supported her in so many ways during her time here – providing home stays, finding her an apartment, helping her buy a car, sharing meals, […]

Do you want all four vaccines today?

“Do you want all four vaccines today?” This was a big question posed to me by the doctor at my travel consultation on Thursday last week. Being concerned with saving time, I said sure and got a quadruple vaccine cocktail including: Japanese Encephalitis (a vaccine known for its side effects), Typhoid Fever, Rabies, and Hepatitis […]

Do Chinese People Fart?

“Do Chinese people fart?” This was one of the first questions my brother, Michael, asked when he met Tian for the first time in February 2007. He was then in fourth grade, and even though he had known Tian for only an hour, he was enraptured by her and everything China. And the questions kept […]