Let the fun begin!  Snake Oil, the s-s-seriously s-s-silly s-s-selling game, is now available for purchase online.  Check out our website!  The URL is http://www.s-s-snakeoil.com.  Order online for only $18 plus shipping and handling, and we can send it anywhere in the continental US.   If you know Pat or me personally, you can also order […]

While we were hanging out in Xiaogan, Tian took us on a tour of her old elementary school, which is located about five minutes walk from her parents home.  Despite having visited Xiaogan several times, I personally had never been inside.  So it was a new experience for both Mike and me. Most of the […]

Mike was big into learning Chinese games.  In Xiaogan, I taught him how to play Ma Jiang, and he was soon beating me in head to head matches.  Eventually, Tian and her parents joined in for a piece of the action.  Mike held his own and won several games. One hot afternoon in Xiaogan, Mike […]

After our respective travels, we all spent a couple days in Xiaogan recharging our batteries – doing laundry, eating home cooked food, and trading stories.  We also prepped for a short trip to Wuhan to visit with Tian’s good friends, Wang Jing and Liu Ya.

After we dried out from the adventure on Huang Shan, Mike and I decided to take a bus back to Wuhan and then a train back to Xiaogan.  The bus left at about 9 a.m., and with one transfer, took until about 6 p.m. to reach the station in Wuhan. The bus trip was more […]

If you have seen the movie Avatar, you have a sense of the beauty of Huang Shan (“Yellow Mountain”).  The film’s “Hallelujah Mountains” were inspired by the legendary Chinese mountain range.  Mike and I set aside two days for a visit to the mountains and take in their breathtaking views. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. […]

The first lessons in Chinese travel that Mike learned were that things often don’t go as planned, that there often is no way to fix a situation, and that in such circumstances you just need to endure whatever is happening and get through it.  Those lessons are summed up in two short but powerful Chinese […]